Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)

As military forces move to the platforms of the 21st century battlefield, new network-centric capabilities must be integrated into legacy vehicles and aircraft. These new systems bring Size, Weight and Power, Performance, Cooling and Cost (SWaP2-C2) demands that most of the existing platforms cannot address. Reducing Size, Weight & Power – Cost (SWaP-C) is also critical for operational and financial success. Therefore, in addition to incorporating new capabilities into the current force, much of the existing electronics within current platforms must be upgraded to optimize the use of SWaP-C, while improving performance and reducing life cycle cost. To realize the vision of a ubiquitous network-centric battlefield, connecting the warfighter with critical data in real time, rugged embedded COTS suppliers like Curtiss-Wright have begun to deliver innovative open standards-based rugged computer servers and high-speed switches and router systems/modules. These network-centric Ethernet solutions enable and optimize connectivity in extremely harsh environments. Our rugged, small form-factor modules survive in harsh environments with cold, heat, shock and vibration extremes, while meeting the SWaP2-C2 constraints of legacy platforms. With our wide range of rugged COTS boards, chassis, backplanes, and systems, Curtiss-Wright can provide superior solutions for today's SWaP-constrained applications.

SWAP-C Optimized Systems

To assist you with your SWaP challenges at the system level, Curtiss-Wright has a catalog of COTS rugged systems that that are lightweight, compact and affordable. Our system experts have decades of experience in processing performance, open standards, packaging, and thermal management. We have solved the most difficult SWaP challenges and you can leverage our expertise to help you improve your system design. Curtiss-Wright has a well-established infrastructure with hundreds of units qualified and deployed in the military market, making us the ideal partner to work with. Curtiss-Wright is exposed to and works intimately with defense solutions products, from modules to backplanes to chassis, as a whole, making us intimately familiar with virtually every possible design permutation. This has made us experts in mitigating SWaP constraints. We can help you transform an acceptable design approach into an optimal solution.

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