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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a division of Curtiss-Wright, is an industry-leading supplier of sophisticated electronics products. We are recognized around the world as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of highly engineered systems built to perform reliably in harsh conditions. We continue to lead the way in developing and marketing advanced solutions that address the rapidly evolving requirements of aerospace, defense and industrial customers.

With design and manufacturing facilities located across North America and Europe, and sales and support teams located around the globe, we are uniquely positioned to satisfy the most demanding electronics, packaging and systems challenges.


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Enhanced Performance with Intel Xeon D Intel's Xeon D processor with up to 16 cores and AVX2 is a "game changer" for embedded defense applications. MORE> Embedded Systems Tailored to Your Program Our unmatched systems capabilities ensure the success of your program’s system design, development and integration. MORE> Achieve Operational Effectiveness Video Management Systems provide scaleable, easy to install and use airborne surveillance solutions. MORE> Display Your 2D/3D Graphics Designed for harsh environments, rugged graphics processor cards in VPX and XMC form factors enable rapid display of 2D/3D graphics to any embedded system. MORE> Multi-channel Recorders for Every Program SerialFPDP, Ethernet, & 10 Gb Ethernet multi-channel synchronized turn-key data recorder systems reduce your risk & speed your time to market. MORE> Single Operator Helicopter Handling Innovative Manual Aircraft Straighten and Traverse (MAST) system provides a safe, secure method of maneuvering and traversing helicopters onboard space-constrained ships MORE> Flexibility, Scalability and Reliability The lightweight, compact AXON Data Acquisition Unit provides FTI engineers with unprecedented flexibility, scalability and reliability while reducing volume by 55%. MORE> Aiming and Stabilization Systems The Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS) is a modular, scalable aiming and stabilization system that equips troops in the field with the most precise and reliable turret control available for extreme terrain. MORE> Translators of Avionics Data concentrator units organizing the analog and digital flows of data needed by modern aviation applications and makes the data usable. MORE> Breathe New Life & Increased Performance into your system with Intel Core i7, Freescale Power Architecture and ARM-based Single Board Computers in 3U, 6U or XMC form factors. MORE> Securely & Affordably Connect Systems Rugged switches & routers enable mobile networks to deploy digital network architectures for situational awareness & netcentric operations. MORE> Avoid Sensor Drift in Air Data Computing When it comes to an air data computer, high accuracy and reliability are paramount. Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) approved equipment avoids sensor drift. MORE>

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Flexible, Secure Data-at-Rest Storage for ISR Applications A high capacity 3U VPX storage system with data-at-rest encryption was developed... MORE> AviBlocks: Adapting to Modern Avionics Development This white paper describes a multi-phase approach for avionics development that... MORE> ITC 2015: Wireless Data Acquisition in Flight Test Networks The use of wireless data networks is ubiquitous in the consumer world and some of... MORE> ITC 2015: The Challenges of Data Acquisition in Harsh Remote Places Today, data acquisition chassis need to be mounted in locations that are small,... MORE> Deployable Core Counts Explode with Intel’s New Xeon D Processor This white paper examines the ground-breaking chip, the Intel Xeon D processor,... MORE> Continuum Lifecycle PLUS Services - Extended Counterfeit Electronic Parts Protection Curtiss-Wright continues to expand our industry leading Continuum Lifecycle... MORE> COTS and Safety Certifiability in the Military and Aerospace Industry Today’s challenge of providing safety certifiable mission-critical systems with... MORE> Axon: Ultra compact data acquisition unit Axon combines unprecedented flexibility and scalability with outstanding... MORE> Acra KAM-500 Helps to Breathe New Life into the Young Eagle In order to guarantee a high level of measurement reliability, the Air Force... MORE> Video Distribution System for SAR Helicopter A large helicopter manufacturer required a video distribution system (VDS) that... MORE> Secure Network Router and Gigabit Switch for Maritime Patrol Aircraft A leading aircraft system integrator required a rugged network router and switch... MORE> Understand the FMC Standard and Get the Result You Want Parallels can be drawn with the FMC format: it’s a mix and match format, but... MORE>


Don’t let sensor drift lead to aircraft drift Air data computers need to be accurate for safety and to comply with standards... MORE> Getting Ready for an I/O Leap: FMC to FMC+ The FMC standard is evolving to keep pace with faster FPGAs and new I/O devices. MORE> How to downsize to a single mission display on-board today's modern aerospace and defense vehicles Combining multiple video sources into a single stream can be implemented using a... MORE> The Tao of Rugged Embedded System Design Despite what you might hear, there is no magic involved in the design of rugged... MORE> Top 10 questions answered about U.S. Army’s VICTORY initiative Mike Southworth answers the top 10 questions about the U.S. Army VICTORY... MORE> Remove the risk from sensor data recording with 3D flexibility Flexible sensor data recorders with removable storage reduce risk and future proof... MORE> Get Smarter Video: Introducing VMS with Metadata Now with video management system metadata capture, the VRD1-CC is better equipped... MORE> Looking to the Future with OpenGL SC 2.0 The current OpenGL ES standard is being adapted for markets that require DO-178... MORE> Graphics Processing Combo in One 3U Slot: Turning the Typical Upside-Down Curtiss-Wright’s single-slot 3U VPX quad-head graphics display engine enables... MORE> Beat the SWaP-C Squeeze With a Bold New Option ARM processors meet SWaP-C challenges for embedded defense applications MORE> How Digital Beachhead is Transforming Combat Vehicles The DuraDBH-672 Digital Beachhead directly targets the military’s demand for... MORE> HPEC Teams Now Need Supercomputing Tools Curtiss-Wright meets the HPEC development challenge by packaging open,... MORE>
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