20" LCD Mission Display

20" LCD Mission Display

Designed specifically for use with the new range of HD EO cameras available for aerial surveillance, the Skyquest AVDU5008 20" widescreen HD rugged LCD mission display offers industry leading video quality combined with mission specific screen layouts to give users maximum flexibility on one display.

This high definition multifunction mission display is in a widescreen 16:9 format to ensure the HD camera image is displayed in the proper format in all its glory. The mission display boasts a bright LED backlight for daylight readability and offers a dual light source LED backlight option for Night Vision Goggle (NVG) filtering.

Users can select either full screen HD or standard definition (SD) video images, or combine two images on a split screen layout. The split screen can be a mix of HD, SD or VGA meaning that the HD and moving map image can be shown simultaneously and enabling the user to switch to full screen, or picture-in-picture mode at the touch of a button.

Using the quad screen option, a user can view four live video images simultaneously on this high definition multi-function mission display for airborne applications. Designed for helicopter and aircraft surveillance applications, the 20" AVDU5008 LCD mission displays include leading edge functionality. This includes the optional touchscreen control of connected moving maps or PC’s, video recorder controls, or even an embedded PC option. Watch the Advantages of VMS VideoThe mission display can also be fitted with an inbuilt channel switching matrix that allows the display to act as a mini video distribution unit, switching video to other equipment in the surveillance system.

This rugged widescreen display model is successfully deployed in numerous commercial and military applications around the world and on multiple airborne platforms.

  • 16:9 Widescreen format
  • Compatible with FLIR Systems' STAR Safire HD and Wescam's MX15 HD camera systems.
  • Multiple video inputs
  • 2 VGA (computer/moving map) inputs
  • Touch screen option
  • Split screen feature
  • NVG option
  • High definition ready
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