X/PMC-552 256GB NAND SATA Drive

X/PMC-552 256GB NAND SATA Drive

Rugged NAND Flash SATA Drive

The XMC/PMC-552 is not recommended for new designs. Please see our other solid state storage solutions.

The XMC/PMC-552 high performance, reliable and power-efficient NAND flash solid state drive is ideally suited for rugged aerospace and defense applications. Available in an XMC (VITA42.3) or PMC (IEEE1386.1) form factor, this SSD has independent SATA drives providing up to 256 GBytes of disk space. Available configurations come in 64, 128 or 256 GBytes. Typical applications include data recording, video recording, storage of mission data, storage of maps, databases, logging, etc.

The XMC/PMC-552 solid-state SATA storage card provides sophisticated information assurance features through a number of measures designed to elevate the level of security for the storage of data. These measures include 128-bit AES data encryption, ATA Security Password, ATA Secure Erase, declassification and write protection.

The XMC/PMC-552 is an excellent choice for system upgrades and new systems that have space limitations and availability of an XMC or PMC site. The XMC/PMC-552 is made without moving parts, which significantly reduces power consumption and increases reliability in environments that are subject to vibration and contaminants, which can shorten the service life of traditional rotating Hard Disk Drives (HDD). 

Lower latency and higher data transfer rates also prove advantages for the XMC/PMC-552 in everyday operation, but especially in high-risk combat environments where high performance truly counts. 

The XMC/PMC-552 utilizes a PCI/PCIe bridge-to-SATA II interface that when used with a driver appears as two independent SATA drives. This setup provides up to 256 GB of SLC NAND flash, with about 20% of the total capacity reserved for over provisioning. 

The level of data storage security is elevated by the XMC/PMC-552 through sophisticated information assurance features. These features include 128-bit AES data encryption, ATA Security Password, ATA Secure Erase, declassification and write protection. 

Without compromising performance, the drive’s flash controller AES data encryption engine is validated by NIST under FIPS 197. With the security features enabled, security password authentication is required to allow access to decrypted data. The ATA secure erase feature causes erasure of map entries and the 128-bit AES key to be zeroized in less than a second – and internally regenerated.  Secure erase overrides write protect configurations. 

The system’s declassification, or military erase, feature operates similarly, plus it activates physical flash erase using the DoD5220.22-M NISPOM Supplement 1 algorithm. In the process, all blocks that hold user data are erased. The declassification function is available only on SLC NAND flash variants. 

The XMC/PMC-552 also provides two discrete write protect signals on the applicable I/O connector, one for each bank, that when pulled low, will write protect the respective bank. The default setting is write enabled. 

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  • Storage Characteristics
    • Up to 256 GB Total Capacity
    • NAND Flash (SLC and MLC available)
    • ECC, Wear Leveling and Bad Block Management
    • Boot drive support
    • SMART attributes supported
  • Information Assurance
    • 128-BIT AES Encryption, FIPS 197
    • ATA Security Password
    • ATA Secure Erase (Crypto Erase)
    • Declassification (Military Erase)
    • Write protection
  • Driver Support
    • SATA
    • RAID0
    • Operating System Support for VxWorks® and Wind River® Linux®*
  • Interfaces
    • XMC PCIe gen 1 x8 or
    • PMC 64-bit 33/66 MHz PCI v2.3
  • Environment
    • Air-cooled Level 0
    • Air-cooled Level 100
    • Conduction-cooled level 200
  • Low power


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