Snapshot Recorder

Snapshot Recorder

The Vortex Snapshot Data Recorder Subsystem is an example of integration work performed by the Curtiss-Wright application group. This application of the Vortex Data Recorder allows recording systems to be used in applications with size, weight and power restrictions. The system provides real-time recording from a customer supplied de-multiplexing digitizer, which acquires dual channels of 1.78 GByte/s imagery. The digitizer separates each channel into eight streams of Serial FPDP data. The Vortex Snapshot recording system contains all components needed to record these streams of data to a JBOD storage device and also allows read back from multiple workstations.

A Snapshot application is available and includes Vortex Recorder base boards, sFPDP PMC modules, memory PMC modules, fibre channel PMC modules, a 12-port Ethernet VME board, a Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (SAN), application source code, SAN Access Kit Software and cables.

The Vortex Snapshot Data Recording System features a web-based GUI human interface that runs on the system controller. An Ethernet LAN support communication between the system controller and the Snapshot recorders via two 12-port Ethernet VME boards that are included in the Application Kit. 

The Ethernet cards coordinate eight recording systems per VME chassis. By way of the web-based GUI, the system operator configures the recording engine, formats storage, runs disk integrity checks, performs disk speed tests, manages disk grouping, sets recording allocation time, accesses help information and support, and starts and stops recording. 

If the operator does not command recording to stop after 54 seconds, via the web-based GUI, the system’s API software will automatically cease recording. A digitizer, supplied by the customer, captures the snapshot from the sensor interface. 

The system de-multiplexes data from two channels of 1.78GB/s. It separates each channel into eight streams of sFPDP data at rates up to 223MB/s. From there, the sFPDP data is routed to the appropriate Vortex recording engine. Each of the 16 recording engines is equipped with one sFPDP input port, a fibre channel PMC module and three 4GB memory PMC modules 

By promoting modular and scalable use of recording engines, this configuration achieves desired bandwidth. The recording engines store the sFPDP data in memory until the complete 192GB snapshot is recorded, or the operator stops recording. 

The recording engine outputs the data from memory through the fibre channel link to the SAN. The fibre channel provides unprecedented flexibility and scalability for storage architecture. A 192GB snapshot can be dumped from memory to a JBOD in 10 minutes. Dump time can be significantly reduced by adding JBODs.

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  • Records up to 54 seconds of snapshots for use in power, weight and size restricted environments
  • Recorder software is available in source code for adaptability, ease-of-use and customization to the application web-browser graphical user-interface control
  • Acquires up to 16 channels of sFPDP data at 223MB/s per link - the system architecture scales based on performance requires of the application
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