XF07-516 Quad 250MSPS 16b Kintex-7 Digital Receiver XMC

XF07-516 Quad 250MSPS 16b Kintex-7 Digital Receiver XMC

The XF07-516 is a rugged quad channel 250MSPS 16-bit digital receiver XMC. The ADC devices are controlled by a user programmable Xilinx FPGA which allows high performance processing such as Digital Down Conversion (DDC), filtering and custom algorithms. Digital data IO ports are provided for additional control with a combination of LVDS and RS485 compliant signalling over XMC P16/PMC P14 IO. Multi-channel, multi-board synchronization is supported on the XF07-516 as well as a choice of using external or onboard programmable sample clock generator. The XF07-516 Kintex-7 FPGA XMC is available in air and conduction-cooled build variants. The combination of direct high-speed, high resolution analog I/O port and next generation FPGA processing makes the XF07-516 ideal for demanding applications including radar, imaging and test equipment across commercial and defense market spaces.

The XF07-516 Kintex-7 FPGA XMC supports two banks of 128M x 16-bit DDR3 SDRAM, each directly connected to the FPGA. As each memory bank is independently connected to the FPGA, there is great flexibility in how they may be used.

Curtiss-Wright’s FusionXF development kit includes software, HDL and utilities complete with examples for using the XF07- 516 Kintex-7 FPGA XMC. FusionXF includes a C programming language API, driver framework and sophisticated DMA support. One of the core elements to the FusionXF development kit is a framework for adding in new IP functionality or capabilities to the FPGA easily and effectively.

The XF07-516 is a sister product to the XF07-518 Quad channel 500MHz  14-bit Digital Receiver XMC.

  • 4x 250MSPS 16-bit analog input (MMCX)
  • Trigger in/trigger out (MMCX)
  • 80-250MHz external sample clock input (MMCX)
  • Onboard programmable sample clock generator
  • User programmable Xilinx Kintex-7 K325T (-2) FPGA
  • PMC P14 digital IO: 32-differential digital IO pairs (LVDS+RS485)
  • XMC P16 digital IO: 20 differential pairs + 38 single ended digital (LVDS+RS485)
  • Two banks of 128M x 16bit DDR3 SDRAM
  • 1Gbit FLASH for FPGA configuration
  • VxWorks and Linux support
  • FusionXF support for VxWorks and Linux (contact factory for Windows)
  • XMC (x8 PCIe) format
  • Air-cooled (AC L0, AC L100) or Conduction-cooled (CC L200)
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