October 13, 2014

Choosing a DSP: Intel x86, Power Architecture or GPU?

Authored by: Marc Couture

October 13, 2014

Using Intel®-based COTS for On-deck Optical Threat Detection

Curtiss-Wright recently engaged with a customer tasked with building a new, state-of-the-art optical threat protection system for a NATO naval surface program. This on-deck system will be used to...

October 08, 2014

Use Safety Certifiable COTS to Cut Costs & Reduce Risks

Authored by: Gregory Sikkens

October 06, 2014

Video Management Systems Support Services

This free white paper addresses the challenges faced by video display subsystem integrators related to problems with connectivity, functional inconsistencies, and end user training.

October 02, 2014

VICTORY prevails

The U.S. Army’s VICTORY initiative has come into its own. Today’s combat vehicles are typically deployed with multiple independent systems that have limited ability to share their...

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