Lead-Free Components & Assembly

PWB delamination of lead-free compatible laminateCurtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is committed to maintaining the high reliability of its products for the aerospace & defense (A&D) sector.

The introduction of lead-free components and assemblies into A&D systems poses a potential reliability risk if the proper measures are not taken, beginning with understanding the various risks and implementing effective mitigations. In addition, the overall process of controlling if, when, and how lead-free is introduced needs to be addressed through a comprehensive lead-free control plan (LFCP).

Tin whiskersCurtiss-Wright has performed extensive studies and testing of lead-free components, soldering and assembly, and has implemented best practices for the design and production of lead-free assemblies. These results are available to customers interested in the reliability of lead-free products. Curtiss-Wright will continue to research and test new approaches for managing lead-free, and will continue its involvement in industry activities to leverage leading edge knowledge, such as AREA and PERM.


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