3U 1-slot MPMC-931x

3U 1-slot MPMC-931x

Rugged 3U 1-slot Subsystem

The Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions MPMC-931x integrated system weighs less than 5 pounds when fully populated. It offers the advantages of faster deployment, lower development costs and reduced program risk.

The MPMC-931x system is packaged in an compact 3U form factor and equipped with unprecedented processing power. The MPMC-931x processing system features all the elements required for modern mission computers, vetronics systems and avionics computers. The slim profile of the MPMC-931x allows the unit to fit easily into available nooks on any platform making the MPMC-931x ideal for space-constrained applications such as UAVs.

The rugged chassis of the MPMC-931x meets or surpasses the DO-160F Environmental Conditions for Airborne Equipment. The MPMC-931x is made to operate reliably in harsh operating environments that are common for military, aerospace and industrial applications. These include shock, vibration, extreme heat, salt fog, altitude, fluid susceptibility, voltage spikes, electrostatic discharge and EMI. The chassis is sealed to protect circuit cards from humidity, dust and sand.

The MPMC-931x accommodates a 3U single board computer (SBC) and supports up to three PMC cards. Two of the PMC cards are hosted by the chassis and one is hosted by the SBC. It is ideal for general processing, Ethernet switching, video processing and more.

Curtiss-Wright has fully developed variants of the MPMC-931x that are currently deployed and available for ordering. Its open architecture makes it a highly flexible solution for your system requirements. It can be ordered with any of the standard features or may be ordered as a Modified COTS (MCOTS) unit. As an MCOTS product, the MPMC-931x allows you to configure it with a modified front panel, backplane or card to meet your exact system requirements. It may be configured with the wide range of boards available from Curtiss-Wright.

If you need customization of this system to your program requirements, click here to learn more about our system integration and program management services.

  • Processing: Intel or Freescale Power Architecture
  • 3U VPX or CompactPCI Backplane
  • Mechanical
    • Volume optimized - single slot chassis - 3.71" x 4.89" x 7.80"
    • Weight fully populated - under 5 lbs
  • Power Supply: 28 VDC input @ up to 55W per MIL-STD-704E, DO-150E
  • Optional Interfaces:
    • MIL-STD-1553 - up to 2 dual redundant channels
    • ARINC 429 - up to 32 channels
    • Video output - up to 4 outputs (DVI, LVDS or VGA)
    • Video input - up to 6 channels (NTSC, PAL, RS-170)
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