S/DCP-124 3U cPCI 7447A/7448

S/DCP-124 3U cPCI 7447A/7448

Using the Freescale™ Power Architecture™ MC7447A/7448 processors with AltiVec™ technology and up to 1 GB of state-of-the art DDR1 SDRAM, the SCP/DCP-124 3U CompactPCI Single Board Computer (SBC) represents the latest advancement in functionality and performance for rugged SBCs. With a 64-bit PMC site supporting 100 MHz PCI-X, and an innovative complement of I/O capability such as Gigabit Ethernet, up to four serial ports, and one USB 2.0 port, the SCP/DCP-124 satisfies the most demanding requirements of 3U embedded cPCI computing applications. Available in a full range of environmental build grades the SCP/DCP-124 Power Architecture Single Board Computer is targeted to the challenging data and digital signal processing needs of tactical aircraft, armored vehicles and harsh environment naval systems.

To cost-effectively address a diverse range of military/ aerospace applications, the SCP/DCP-124 cPCI Single Board Computer is available in a range of ruggedization levels, both air and conduction-cooled. All versions are functionally identical, with air-cooled versions (SCP) available in Curtiss-Wright ruggedization Levels 0 and 100, and conduction-cooled versions (DCP) in Levels 100 and 200. Curtiss-Wright standard ruggedization guidelines define the environmental tolerance of each ruggedization level.

The SCP/DCP-124 Single Board Computer has BSP support for VxWorks 6.x/5.5.x support PowerPC, Linux, and Green Hill INTEGRITY.

  • Freescale PowerPC 7447a processor:
    • 1000 MHz
    • 2310 DMIPS
    • 133 MHz CPU bus speed
    • 512 Kbyte of Internal L2 Cache running at core processor speed
    • Freescale PowerPC 7448 processor:
    • 1200 MHz
    • 2773 DMIPS
    • 133 MHz CPU bus speed
    • 1024 Kbyte of Internal L2 Cache running at core processor speed with ECC protection
    • DFS support
  • cPCI Bus:
    • System controller and Peripheral controller
    • 3.3V or 5V signalling supported
    • 33 or 66 MHz operation
    • Compliant with PICMG 2.0, Revision 3.0 CompactPCI Specification
    • 64-bit, 100 Mhz PCI-X PMC Expansion Site
  • Memory:
    • 512 Mbyte of DDR1 SDRAM with ECC at 133 MHz , with a growth path to 1Gbyte
    • 256 Mbyte non-volatile Flash
    • Flash for Permanent Alternate Boot Site (PABS)
    • 128 Kbyte nonvolatile RAM
  • I/O:
    • 2 x 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet port
    • 2 x RS-232 Serial port
    • 2 x HDLC/SDLC-capable EIA 422/485 serial channels (both synchronous)
    • 1 x USB 2.0
    • 4 x general purpose DMA controllers
    • Up to 14-bit Discrete I/O
    • Up to 8 bits Differential discrete IO (4 inputs, 4 outputs)
  • Comprehensive Foundation Firmware
  • BSP Support for VxWorks 6.x/5.5.x support PowerPC, Linux, INTEGRITY
  • Available in both SCP and DCP versions; Conduction and Convection cooled, Level 0 up to Level 200 - fully ruggedized
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