PC104 Enclosures

Curtiss-Wright is a recognized leader in the development and deployment of advanced thermal management technologies for rugged deployed embedded systems. We offer a variety of PC/104 enclosures including 3/4 ATR, DZUS rail mounted, and EBX NEMA solutions.

 PC/104 Enclosures
  Product Name Compatible Cards Chassis Thermal Management
DuraChassis PC/104 NEMA 4X/Dust Passive, Natural Convection
MEC-2060 PC/104 3/4 ATR Short Passive, Natural Convection
MEC-2061 PC/104 1/4-Turn DZUS Rail Passive, Natural Convection
MEC-2062 EBX / PC/104 NEMA 3/Dust Passive, Natural Convection


 PC/104 Enclosure Accessories
  Product Name Description
Shock Rocks Shock/Vibration Isolator for PC/104 Railed Card Cages
Bumper Beans Silastic Standoff/Spacer for PCBs