High Density Memory

In signal processing and data acquisition systems, buffer memory nodes are used to rate buffer real-time data streams. Rate buffering can involve staging data prior to processing by a distributed multi-computer, rate buffering post processed data before sending it to slower, persistent storage, or capturing data in applications requiring real-time snap shots. Other common implementations involve serving as a central database for compute nodes or providing a canvas for imaging applications to reconstruct post-processed data. Curtiss-Wright offers a range of high density buffer memory products for VPX, XMC and PMC.

Product Form Factor Features Memory Options  
MM-6171 XMC 2-8GB XMC SDRAM w/ECC SRIO interface DMA engine 2G, 4G, 8G N/A
MFC700 sRIO VPX 32GB 6U VPX SDRAM w/ECC SRIO interface DMA engine 16G, 24G, 32G N/A