Continuum Software

Curtiss-Wright Continuum Software provides a layered software architecture to allow modularization and abstraction across a variety of hardware platforms. Our teams work closely together to ensure product commonality and interoperability at all levels of the system solution, easing the tasks of application development and systems integration.

Product Description
Continuum Insights Continuum Insights™ is a suite of software tools that aid the software development for multi-processor systems. Insights provides programmers visibility into the entire system via the collection of critical, periodic, non-intrusive, real-time data.
Continuum IPC The Interprocessor Communication (Continuum IPC) Library provides all the capabilities needed to control applications running on multiple processors having data movement requirements. Currently supported fabrics and interconnects include PCI, StarFabric, Serial RapidIO and PCI Express.
Continuum Vector The Curtiss-Wright DSP function library, Continuum Vector, provides a comprehensive set of C-callable functions which have been optimized to exploit the performance of the SIMD instruction sets of Power Architecture (Altivec) and Intel (SSE) processors.