May 12, 2015

Rugged Miniature Ethernet Switches for UAVs from Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright showcased two new Ethernet switch systems that are ideal for SWaP-constrained UAVs to Engineering TV at the 2015 AUVSI Unmanned Systems show.

April 09, 2015

Product Tour: CHAMP-AV9 6U OpenVPX DSP Module

Today’s ISR sensors generate unrelenting streams of data that must be processed in real time. Curtiss-Wright’s 6U OpenVPX CHAMP-AV9 was designed to meet that need.

March 27, 2015

Ultra Small Networking - the Parvus DuraNET 20-11 Miniature Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Reducing the footprint of switches continues to be a priority. The Parvus DuraNET 20-11 offers 90% smaller and 50% lighter than other small form factor solutions. Learn More!

February 13, 2015

Curtiss-Wright’s In-House Manufacturing Capability

Curtiss-Wright’s in-house manufacturing capability delivers a combination of responsiveness, flexibility and quality that far exceeds anything achievable by contract manufacturing. The video...

December 15, 2014

VRD1 Video-Centric System

Designed for maximum flexibility and to support a variety of video standards, the VRD1's capabilities include: video switching, video scaling & windowing, video conversion, video compression and...

December 12, 2014

Rugged Touch Screen LCD Mission Displays

Curtiss-Wright's rugged touch screen LCD mission displays are environmentally qualified, have multiple video inputs/outputs, and are designed for use with FLIR and other long-range daylight video...

December 10, 2014

Optimizing for ISR SWaP with 3U Intel Single Board Computers

ISR systems need to be deployed on smaller and smaller platforms, where they face severe SWaP constraints. At the same time, ISR requirements have not diminished – in fact, they have become more...

November 12, 2014

CHAMP-FX4 6U OpenVPX FPGA Processing Module

Curtiss-Wright’s 6U OpenVPX CHAMP-FX4 is built to reliably offer dedicated processing power, balanced with fast memory and Gen3 interconnects that deliver 40 Gigabits per second. Watch this video...

September 12, 2014

Fabric40 OpenVPX Gen3 Signal Integrity

Take the risk out of high-performance OpenVPX Gen 3 Systems. The Curtiss-Wright Fabric40 system delivers high-performance while reducing development risks.

September 09, 2014

Meeting the Gen3 backplane challenge with OpenVPX and COTS

Curtiss-Wright's Bob Sullivan and Luke Falconer discuss Gen3 serial interconnects such as 40Gbps Ethernet, QDR/FDR10 InfiniBand, and PCIe Gen3 and how these interconnects offer significant...

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