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UAV command, control & communications

July 11, 2013

Courney Howard with Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine discusses UAV command, control & communications.

Aerospace and defense oranizations advance unmanned avionics to amplify system safety, security, efficiency, and interoperability.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for years has been a focal point of the aerospace and defense community, as well as a bright spot in an otherwise bleak economic picture. The impressive growth and advancement of unmanned technologies show few signs of slowing, as militaries worldwide continue to adopt and adapt unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for a variety of missions.

Operational efficiency
The role of UAVs continues to expand, as aerospace and defense technology firms enhance the capabilities of unmanned vehicle, system, and payload electronics. The focus of military organizations the world over, especially in times of economic pressure, is on operational efficiency. As is the case today with manned military aircraft, UAVs can no longer assume just one role or function; rather, militaries increasingly require multi-role systems.

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