White Papers

July 07, 2015

Choosing a Rugged Ethernet Switch/Router Solution

This white paper helps systems integrators and end users explore some of the key networking capabilities available in modern Ethernet switches and router systems designed to support intra- and...

July 01, 2015

Intel Atom Comes of Age for the Rugged Embedded Market

This white paper examines the evolution of Intel’s Atom product family, and explains how Intel’s latest Atom Bay Trail processor now meets the unique requirements of the aerospace and defense...

May 04, 2015

Modern radar acquisition, scan conversion and tracking products build a powerful, flexible and cost-effective multi-function console solution

This white paper discusses how modern radar acquisition, scan conversion and tracking products can be used to build a powerful, flexible and cost-effective integrated multi-function console...


July 14, 2015

The SBC Challenge

The growing deployment of single board computers in military systems brings with it a number of engineering challenges.

June 10, 2015

Dual-node SBCs: A hardware-based approach to red/black architectures

As the need for data security increases, the need to support both encrypted data and less sensitive data within the same system is also on the rise.

June 09, 2015

Product teardown: Maximizing functionality through dual-node processing

Jerry Gipper with VITA Technologies describes how the aerospace and defense applications must support higher-bandwidth sensor input, more complex intersystem communications, and greater security...


July 16, 2015

HPEC – Enabling Smarter, Faster ISR

Authored by Marc Couture

June 16, 2015

Multi-Channel Coherency in SWaP-Constrained SIGINT

Authored by Jeremy Banks

User Stories

July 23, 2015

Low-SWaP Mission Computer for UAS Takeoff/Landing System

This case study addresses a UAS's SWaP-constrained x86 rugged processor requirements to support automatic takeoff and landing systems.

July 20, 2015

Advanced SIGINT Capability for a SWaP-constrained Platform

This case study describes a solution to detect and locate SIGINT signals of interest quickly and meet SWaP-constraints of the airborne platform.

July 10, 2015

Integrating Sensors and Moving Maps in a Video Management System

This integration of sensor video with map display yields a powerful and intuitive means of providing the operator with the information that he needs to make navigational and mission decisions...

Defense Solutions Quarterly

December 19, 2014

Defense Solutions Quarterly - Issue 4, 2014

This edition of Defense Solutions Quarterly eNewsletter highlights the Bicycle Shop incubator, the pocket size DuraNET 20-11, CHAMP-FX4 video and Tin Whiskers white paper.

September 30, 2014

Defense Solutions Quarterly - Issue 3, 2014

This issue highlights a new webinar on OpenVPX Gen3 Signal Integrity, LRU consolidations to reduce SWAP-C, and safety certifiable COTS solutions to expedite your system development

September 01, 2012

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