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AviBlocks: Adapting to Modern Avionics Development

November 22, 2015

This white paper describes a multi-phase approach for avionics development that addresses a growing need for rapid prototyping, requirements capture and risk reduction in modern avionics developments.

ITC 2015: Wireless Data Acquisition in Flight Test Networks

November 15, 2015

The use of wireless data networks is ubiquitous in the consumer world and some of the advantages can prove valuable in Flight Test for data acquisition from remote sensors. Implementing such wireless communication introduces a number of challenges however, this paper addresses wireless...

ITC 2015: The Challenges of Data Acquisition in Harsh Remote Places

November 09, 2015

Today, data acquisition chassis need to be mounted in locations that are small, inaccessible and subject to harsh environmental conditions. Read about how such systems can be designed.

Deployable Core Counts Explode with Intel’s New Xeon D Processor

November 09, 2015

This white paper examines the ground-breaking chip, the Intel Xeon D processor, and explores some of the visionary defense applications that will now become practical.

Continuum Lifecycle PLUS Services - Extended Counterfeit Electronic Parts Protection

November 09, 2015

Curtiss-Wright continues to expand our industry leading Continuum Lifecycle Services portfolio to address the changing requirements of the defense industry. We have expanded our Lifecycle services portfolio, and now offer the PLUS service tier to meet the changing needs of our industry...

COTS and Safety Certifiability in the Military and Aerospace Industry

November 05, 2015

Today’s challenge of providing safety certifiable mission-critical systems with higher complexity at a reasonable price point has led integrators away from the costly, custom-built systems of the past in favor of modern COTS modules.

Embedded Cisco Networking Solutions for VPX - Powering Converged Tactical Networks

October 09, 2015

This white paper examines embedded defense networking requirements and solutions currently available on the market today.

Delivering VICTORY and PNT Hub Services for Tactical Ground Vehicle Architecture

October 05, 2015

This white paper discusses some of the drivers and benefits of deploying an open, scalable vetronics system architecture as envisioned by the VICTORY and GVA initiatives, and how modern COTS technologies enable network-enabled switching, shared processing, and assured military position...

Combining Multiple Video Sources into a Single Screen

September 29, 2015

This white paper discusses how modern, powerful and flexible video processing technology addresses the need for combining video and graphics using video scaling and windowing solutions in a rugged environment.

Hazardous Misleading Information Part 2: Mitigation Strategies for Dual Output COTS Graphical Processors

September 28, 2015

This white paper is part 2 of the safety certification and hazardous misleading information series. It discusses mitigation strategies for dual output COTS graphical processor cards.

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